Our Work

Anisha Charitable Trust is based in India, and it Registered office in Delhi. Anisha Charitable Trust strive does prodigious work which impacts the life of people in the community at large

Our entire programs are run through various approach leading to wholistic development:

a) Vocational Bible School
b) Children’s Bible Club
c) After School Clubs
d) Adult Literacy
e) Community Development Programs
f) Church Planter Training Program

A. Vocational Bible School (VBS)

Vocational Bible School is a ministry outreach Churches provide to educate children about God. The purpose is to incorporate themed activities that entertain kids with the chance to learn about God. Vacation Bible is an easy way to get kids involved in Church while giving the opportunity to meet the people withing the Church also.

1. Bible Stories
2. Character-Building activities
3. Art and Crafts
4. Games
5. Prayer
6. Skits
7. Snacks breaks
8. songs

1. Children learn about Jesus through fun, age appropriate activities
2. Kids meet new friends who share their beliefs.
3. Life lessons help every child learn how to be a good person and a friend to others.
4. Children learn to pray for their families.
5. Inspire children to serve their communities and become future leaders.
6. Commit their life to Jesus.
7. Parents come to Christ through children.

B. Children’s Bible Club

“ Jesus said “ Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
Children Bible Club is a purpose-driven and goal oriented ministry and its success depends on the meticulous execution of the steps. It is a sustained movement of God born out of passionate vision and definite mission for the transformation of the children and young people of our country.

How CBC works?:
1. Motivate (families, youth and children)
2. Mobilize (Teachers, Volunteers)
3. Raise financial support (stationary, venue, refreshment, transportation etc)
4. Organize (Place, dates and time)
5. Conduct special events (Family day, cleanliness, health check-up)
6. Graduation (Teachers and Children get certificates and rallies are organized)

Children know about Jesus Christ through this program in a systematic and easy way, where teachers and volunteers are following proper curriculum and structure guidelines of the program.

C. After School Clubs

After School Club is the follow-up of Children Bible Club classes (CBC). Anisha Charitable Trust and Children Aid Foundation are running this result oriented program in various parts of the North India. It is a yearlong program.

There are five major aspects of this program that brings transformation in the life of the children:
a) Physical Development (Playing sports, games)
b) Social Development ( Education, health, environmental care, tree plantation, cultural activities and national integration)
c) Cultural Development (Songs, folk art, puppet shows)
d) Character Development (Habits, personal growth, leadership development)
e) Spiritual Development (Praise and worship, Scripture study)

Anisha Charitable Trust and Children Aid Foundation is working tirelessly to reach every child and youth with the Word of God.

D. Adult Literacy

Literacy is one of the major causes for Social, Economic, Political and Spiritual problems that India has been facing for decades. It is and impediment to and individual’s growth and national development.

Anisha Charitable Trust and Children Aid Foundation has taken up this important program which will bring smiles to the thousands lives and help them become self-dependent in the future. To eradicate illiteracy and promote holistic development among the large group of non-literate population our Organization has following objectives:
1. Imparting Literacy Skills – Reading, Writing
2. Promoting Awareness on Health and Hygiene
3. Promoting Social awareness among the learners
4. Promoting to become self-dependent by giving them self-help training
5. Instilling Moral, ethical values and spiritual values.

The main purpose of this program is to create literate society where every person in the society can live a transformed life.

• Non-Literate will become literate in one year
• Will be able to read and write simple sentences
• Learner will improve and maintain personal health and hygiene.
• Responsible citizen
• Self-dependent
• Spiritual Transformation
• Will be able to read Word of God and Understand

E. Community Development Programs

Anisha Charitable Trust and Children Aid Foundation aims to uplift the downtrodden and underprovided people in the society. To bring self-dependence and understanding their responsibilities towards their families and nation.

This is being achieved by implementing:
• Self-Help Training Program (Provide training on establishing small business.
• Provide training to learners to make products through available resources. The following products are taught: Pickles, Leaf plates, candles, jams, sauce, pain balm etc.
• Provide training and understanding on Bee Keeping, Poultry and marketing.
• Income generated is used for the upliftment of the family and child education and healthy diet.
• Family is self-dependent and meets daily needs.
• Unemployed youths, house wife’s are mainly benefitted.
• Imparting Education to reduce discrimination among boys and girls.
• Motivating Families to send their children to school.
Proper follow-up and guidelines are given through trained resource persons.

F. Church Planter Training Program

The main purpose of this program is to train and equip evangelists, pastors, missionaries and committed individuals to plant Churches in unreached areas. Church Planter Training Program is a systematic and measurable Training Program that assist mission oriented individuals those have passion to plant Churches and spread Good News. Church planter is given the exposure of Theological and Field Training for better understanding and implementing of the program.

There are many unreached people groups and communities that are unreached in India. Anisha Charitable Trust and Children Aid Foundation aims:
• To train Church Planters for one year
• To plant Churches in unreached areas
• To establish House of Prayer Groups in each area where Church has been established.
• Establish strong faith communities.
• Bring light of Hope and turned them from darkness to Light.

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