Church Planter Training Program

The main purpose of this program is to train and equip evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and committed individuals to plant churches in unreached areas.

Church Planter Training Program is a systematic and measurable training program that assist mission-oriented individuals who have the passion to plant churches and spread the Good News. Church planters are given the exposure of theological and field training for better understanding and implementing of the program. There are many unreached people groups and communities in India.

Anisha Charitable Trust and Children Aid Foundation aims to:

  1. Train church planters for one year.
  2. Plant Churches in unreached areas.
  3. Establish House of Prayer Groups in each area where a church has been established.
  4. Establish strong faith communities.
  5. Bring the light of hope and turn lost people from darkness to light.

Church Planter Training Program Gallery

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